The BrainStorm QuickHelp Program

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“With BrainStorm, we’re seeing for the first time that the number of emails sent is declining and Teams chats are rapidly increasing. We had five different chat/collaboration tools across the company before—now the whole organization is running on Teams.”

Bron McCall
Chief Technology Officer
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The BrainStorm QuickHelp™ Program is a Microsoft-sponsored initiative that’s helping users of all skill levels love their technology and use it more effectively. Eligible customers receive company-wide access to the QuickHelp platform for up to 90 days, kickstarting their organization’s usage and opening the door for the extraordinary productivity to come.

BrainStorm QuickHelp Program Benefits

The BrainStorm QuickHelp Program engages users, creates change, and has increased active usage for enterprise and corporate accounts by more than 5X. This proven program can help you achieve your Cloud usage metrics and wow even your most technology-averse customers.

QuickHelp Customer Benefits

  • Drive adoption and usage of Microsoft Teams and the full suite of Office 365
  • Work smarter and more efficiently with specific Teams use cases
  • Cut down on help desk and training costs
  • Maximize software investment
  • Increase organizational productivity and effectiveness

Program Details

  • Up to 90 days of BrainStorm QuickHelp platform during proof of concept phase (funded by Microsoft)
  • Targeted change management and communication materials
  • A dedicated Activation Manager to help configure QuickHelp and drive success
  • Customers must opt-in to the program by June 30, 2020. Deployment of up to 90 days of QuickHelp must happen by September 30, 2020.

BrainStorm QuickHelp Program Requirements

Customers must meet the following criteria to be nominated for the program:

  • Must not have consumed the program previously (exceptions may be requested).
  • Must be over 250 Office 365 seats.
  • Public sector customers must obtain a fully-executed Microsoft Gift Letter to participate in this program. Contact for assistance.

The BrainStorm BluePrint™

Change is not an event—it’s a process that requires planning, goals, adjustments and continuous upkeep at scale. The BrainStorm BluePrint is a cutting-edge approach to helping your organization understand why change is important, and then creating a personalized and specific plan to make change happen.


Enabling digital transformation for immediate business impact.

Too often, organizations want to know the how of software adoption, but they forget to ask why. BrainStorm helps create an intentional and strategic vision for how technology can create measurable business results.


A customized adoption strategy to drive software usage.

One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anybody. To drive long-term usage, customers need a plan that’s tailored to their organization and users. By identifying and learning from users, BrainStorm will help your customers plan the critical steps to meaningful change and adoption.


Delivering personalized learning to every user and measuring the results.

Most digital transformation efforts only focus on launching software, but without a shift in individual behavior, organizations can’t see long-term change. BrainStorm empowers customers to keep up with their ever-changing technology and transform their organizations at scale.

Enroll a customer

Ready to get started? Please fill out this simple enrollment form with your information (customer information will be requested on the next page). Once enrollment is complete, we’ll email you with next steps.

BrainStorm QuickHelp Program Process

  • Nominate your customer
  • You will receive an email notification with customer acceptance or decline within 48 hours.
  • Your BrainStorm Business Development or Partner representative will work with you to secure the introductory customer meeting. Participation in this meeting is optional, but your input on the customer opportunity and environment is required.

What are People Saying About QuickHelp?

Praise from Microsoft, partners, and users.

“The BrainStorm platform changes the way we all learn. It’s extremely intuitive and it allows us to establish organizational initiatives with a personalized touch. We have been so impressed with the responsiveness of the platform, machine learning capabilities, and the personalized journey for users.”

Danielle DeLonge

Technology Training Consultant at Plante Moran

“The BrainStorm QuickHelp Program has helped countless organizations see increased usage of the Microsoft products. BrainStorm is a great group of people and Microsoft is pleased to call them a partner.”

Justin Chandoo

Director of O365 at Microsoft

“The QuickHelp platform allows us to deliver content that drives learning, productivity, and change at a scale and reach that would not have been possible with our current team.”

Elaine Smith

Senior Program Manager at PepsiCo

“The people who use BrainStorm really have the confidence to understand what they have and how it impacts their business to make it better and make their jobs easier. BrainStorm helps ease everyone through the transition process.”

David Ma

Director of Product Marketing of O365 at Microsoft

“BrainStorm allows us to be more productive in a cost-effective manner. There’s enough curiosity from the videos that employees want to know more. They start getting excited about the possibility, about expanding their vision, or maybe even changing their vision a little.”

Russell Rogers

IT Project Manager for the City of Naperville